The Truth about Shutters

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I have recently been made aware by one of my ongoing customers that a local competitor is again telling lies about our products to try and make their own look better. I find this both tiring and pathetic but I feel I should let you know the true story about our shutters. For over 15 years now we have dealt with a single factory to manufacture our shutters. This factory produce the highest quality shutters that have never let us down in performance and quality. This quality is one of the main reasons we have been supplying shutters to happy customers in Wilmslow and the north west for so long.

Over the years several other manufacturers have opened and tried to get our business but I am yet to find a product that matches the quality of the S-Craft products we sell.  I will not be driven by a slightly cheaper price at a compromise of quality. I have always worked on the principle that I would not sell something I wouldn’t have in my own home and will stick with that belief. Over 15 years and several thousand happy customers I have only had to claim on the warranty of shutters a handful of times and S-Craft have replaced the products with no hassle. That is the sort of service I expect and the reason we have so many recommendations and returning customers.

I would always wonder why a salesman spent more time talking their competitors down as opposed to talking their own products up and be a little suspicious. I will continue to concentrate on our own quality products and services and look forward to another 20 years in our Wilmslow showroom my father opened in 1999.

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