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Put a Spring in your step and check out our Spring offers.

The first signs of Spring our finally here and we are celebrating with some fantastic offers on our Ted Todd Flooring and Plantation Shutters, till the end of April.

Offer 1 is 10% Off New Ted Todd flooring ‘Arundel’ and ‘Standen’.

Ted Todd has introduced two new products to their Crafted Textures range called Arundel and Standen both are engineered Oak flooring that offer impressive durability and resilience with a generous 4mm wear layer and a low slip rating of 36. Standen and Arundel come in both herringbone and plank.

Standen delivers soul and warmth through golden tones and character defined by intentional marks, dents, and undulation and is made from rustic grade European Oak.

Standen Herringbone






Arundel is a lively, rustic grade Oak floor that has warm, rich tones overlaid with distinctive markings, a distressed edge, and a bold brushed texture.






Both these floors are absolutely stunning and eye catching so come down to our shop and see them for yourself.

Offer 2 is Free underlay with all floating floors.

A floating floor is a floor that does not require fully bonding to the sub-floor. Most engineered planks are fitted this way and therefore require underlay between the sub-floor layer and wood planks. Here at Living Wilmslow we only use genuine Ted Todd underlay as oppose to cheap alternatives and so this spring you can get the Ted Todd standard underlay free of charge when you buy any of their plank floating floors from us. Which is a saving of £4 per square metre.

Offer 3 is Free fitting on all Plantation Shutters.

Our fitters have been working with us for 15 years and we believe them to be the best in the area, so this spring we are offering free fitting to help you prepare your home for those warmer months. Plantation Shutters are a not only a great way to make a statement from both inside and outside of your home, they also have added benefits of good home ventilation and light control which are both good features that are needed during the warmer lighter months that are fast approaching. Shutters can block out direct sun with the advantage of still allowing some light in due to the tilting Louvres. The window can also be opened with the advantage of still having the shutter to close and louvres to tilt so that the privacy of the home is still maintained.

Offer 4 is 10% Off all Herringbone floors.

Ted Todd offers a wide variety of Herringbone floors in a wide variety of wood, colours, finishes and widths. The Herringbone pattern itself was first used by the Romans. They discovered that the roads could be made a lot more stable by pointing the bricks in the direction of the traffic. It wasn’t until the 16th Century though that it moved to wood floors. To achieve this affect with a wood floor, rectangle pieces of wood of equal size are placed and staggered so that the end of one plank meets the side of another creating a broken zig zag. It is important they are bonded to the sub-floor to avoid movement. With this offer we are giving you the opportunity to own a piece of history. Herringbone wood floors have been around for nearly 500 years and due to their versatility are likely to be around for many more years to come.







Offer 5 is 20% Off Integrated Blackout Blinds.

Again due to the fast approaching warmer months come the lighter evenings. This can be a problem for younger children trying to sleep at bedtime or nap during the day and those who need to sleep at different times of the day. Parents and shift workers need to darken the bedrooms as much as possible during the lighter summer times. The exclusive Shutter and Shade range from S:Craft features the best of both shutters and blinds together. The integrated blackout blind sits snugly in its own channel behind the shutter creating the perfect dark environment for sleeping, no matter what time of day. During this offer when you buy any Plantation shutter from us, we will give you 20% Off these blinds to benefit from this Summer.

Blackout shutter Wilmslow







Remember all these Offers are only till the end of April.



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