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Plantation Shutter Sale Extended at Living Wilmslow

plantation shutter sale

Due to great success our plantation shutter sale has extended to the 14th February 2020.

Best price and quality in Wilmslow.

If your looking for a premium made to measure product with plenty of options to suit your taste and budget, then S:Craft Shutters fit the bill. S:Craft are the leading brand in the U.K, offering the widest selection of materials, colours and styles to help transform your home whilst adding to it’s value and approving kerb appeal.

Plantation Shutters are becoming increasingly popular as more home owners become aware of their many benefits, some of these include:

  • The perfect fit – S:Craft Shutters are made to measure and designed exclusively for your space.
  • Fit any shape – S:Craft Shutters can be manufactured to suit all window shapes, no matter how angled or curved.
  • Stylish and increase kerb appeal – S:Craft Shutters look just as good on the outside as they do on the inside, especially on stunning bay windows, therefore enhancing the look of your property.
  • Low maintenance – Easy to keep clean, Plantation Shutters are virtually maintenance free. They can be simply hoovered or wiped down with a damp cloth.
  • Good for allergy sufferers – Unlike curtains and blinds that trap the dust, Plantation Shutters are hygienic and due to their low maintenance help prevent the growth of microscopic bugs and microbes making them the best choice for people sensitive to allergies.
  • Child safe – Unlike Curtains and blinds, S:Craft Shutters don’t require the use of cords or ties which can be a hazard for any inquisitive child who can easily get tangled up in them. Plantation Shutters also form a barrier between a child and an open window.
  • Economical – S:Craft Shutters provide a layer over the window reducing heat from escaping, therefore they help reduce your utility bills. They help keep your house warm in winter and cool in the summer.
  • Privacy and light control that suits you – S:Craft Shutter panels can be made with different louvre sizes that can be independently controlled allowing natural light in but unwelcome attention out. This enables you to have total control over your privacy.
  • Peace of mind – All S:Craft Shutters come with an authenticity logo and manufacturer’s warranty as standard.

With Over 15 years experience as a Shutter specialist, S:Craft is a U.K brand you can trust.

Why not pop down to our showroom here at Living Wilmslow and look at our range of S:Craft Shutters or visit S:Craft HERE

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