Introducing ‘Galion’, English Oak flooring by Ted Todd.

A beautiful and understated floor. Made by Ted Todd Woodworks division, using huge English Oak logs. The planks are upto 5m long and 350mm wide. The Ted Tedd Craftsmen have expertly sawn and polished the surface to create the impression of age. Also with its huge medullary rays, burrs and an undulating shape, these reveal the well defined natural beauty of English Oak.

‘The Mighty English Oak’ holds a special place in British culture, history and our hearts. English Oak is the second most common tree species in the U.K, after Birch and has been linked with Royalty where its leaves were used as crowns. Both the National Trust and Woodland Trust use Oak leaves in their emblems and ‘The Royal Oak’ is one of the most popular names for a pub in Britain. In England the Oak is a national symbol of strength as it produces one of the hardest and most durable timbers on the planet and because of this English Oak has been used in construction for thousands of years to build houses, furniture, flooring, wine barrels and shipbuilding.

The down side to English Oak though is its very slow growing and due to its over use and the spread of tree diseases, this has led to the downfall of our national tree. They are now very much under threat and a protected tree species. Over the years as English Oak has become more of a rare commodity, its use in the floor industry has diminished, but with Woodworks specialising in reclamation and restoration, we are able to offer you the opportunity to own a piece of English history.

Why not pop to Living Wilmslow to have a look at the luxurious ‘Galion’ Flooring.






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