Cleaning and Maintaining your Ted Todd floor.

Floor Care

Here at Living Wilmslow we recommend you sweep and vacuum your wood floor regularly to remove dust and grit. Also purchasing a good entrance mat both outside and inside will help to reduce mud and grit from getting on the floor. We also highly recommend the use of felt pads on table legs, stools and sofa legs to prevent the floor from scratching when they are moved.

It is very important to use the correct Ted Todd Care System on your floor. A light clean every 1-2 weeks is needed with a more thorough clean only 3-4 times a year. We advise against the use of generic household cleaners, as these may strip the finish of your wood over time. The Ted Todd Care Systems contain no chemicals or bleaches and are intended to nourish the floor.

Which Ted Todd Care System to use and when…

Ted Todd has two different Care Systems, these are as follows:

  • CARE SYSTEM 1, used for lacquered and hardened oil floors.

There are various types of surface finishes, such as hardened oil, satin lacquer, matt lacquer and naked skin lacquer. These finishes sit on the top surface of the wood to create a protective layer.

Care System 1 requires you to clean with Easy Clean regularly. Protect with Maintenance Polish. Restore with Intensive Polish.

To restore worn and tired surfaces, we recommend the use of Ted Todd Polish Remover before the Intensive Polish. This removes the old layers of wax or polish that has built up over time.


  • CARE SYSTEM 2, Used for Oiled floors.

These floors tend to be sold as unfinished wood and require a coat of oil after installation. There are various types of Oil finishes such as Natural, Hardwax and Restoration oil. These tend to be clear and are absorbed into the wood to nourish it.

A coat of natural oil preserver can be applied to these floors to create a harder wearing, more water repellent surface.

Care System 2 requires you to clean with Soft clean. Deep clean with Intensive Clean. Restore with Oil Replenish.

Intensive clean is used every few months to remove tougher dirt that gets embedded into the wood grain. Ted Todd Oil Replenish is used to refresh worn and tired looking surfaces in between cleans.









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